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Many people do not realise the shear benefits of simply drinking the right amount of water every day. Below we list the advantages of getting more fluid into your system.

Printing out can very often lead to being a very expensive investment for both businesses and home users. Although you may be thinking today you can get a printer for a low price, the printer itself isn’t the main expense. The consumables that are used to run the printers will end up costing more than the printer itself. Printer ink and toner can end up becoming a very big annual expense for any user that prints on a regular basis.

How you sit

Sitting down is slowly killing us all! Sitting down for long periods of time every day is proven to greatly increase health risks. Working in an office job, chances are you don’t have much choice but to sit down for long periods of time. Even though sitting down for long periods isn’t good for you, there are methods on how to ‘sit correctly’ to reduce any health risks as much as possible. You may be familiar with some of the methods to sit correctly including:

Twenty five years ago, Morgan & Morgan started in a family home by two brothers, Phylip and Michael Morgan aged only 19 and 17 years old. Since then Morgan & Morgan expanded to Ammanford and Carmarthenshire. But now in 2014 we are now operating in a purpose built headquarters in Crosshands Business Park serving customers all along south Wales.