Morgan and Morgan prides itself on being an ethical and honest company which appreciates and puts into action the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. We have strong links with our local community and our employees often raise money and contribute their time and energy to good causes.

Morgan and Morgan understands the economic, social and environmental impact of business and the company as a whole works to reduce possible consequences. We conduct all our business in an open and transparent manner and in so doing, have forged long-term working relationships with our customers.

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Supporting our local community is an important part of our day to day work here at Morgan and Morgan. We have raised thousands of pounds for local and national charities over the years and continue to take time to help local groups whenever we can. Every year, Morgan and Morgan help and attend the popular ABC Church ‘Battle of the Business’ quiz and ‘Arrest a Boss,’ which has raised more than £10,000 for Children in Need. We also support the local ABC Church in Ammanford which in turn, works to help young people in the local area.

In addition to donating money, staff at Morgan and Morgan often give of their time to support other local organisations, including schools. Michael Morgan and Simon Roberts are governors at schools in the local area and regularly make the time to visit the teaching staff and pupils and take part in school assemblies. They also help out at a local project that encourages the long- term unemployed back into training and work. Morgan and Morgan have used a local company called ‘Get Stuffed’ to fill envelopes and mail shots. This is run by the 2ACtiv8 project and train people with specific learning needs.

Morgan and Morgan welcome young people who are looking for work experience and has linked up with ‘GO Wales,’ offering 10 week paid placements and ‘Jobs Growth Wales’ which provide valuable employment experience and ‘real work’ which can potentially result in a permanent position within the business.

Environmental Issues

Morgan and Morgan is committed to reducing its impact on the environment wherever possible and adheres to the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ philosophy.

We have ensured that our purpose built headquarters at Crosshands complies with the latest guidelines for energy efficiency. Our building is warmed by heat exchangers and rather than rely on air-conditioning, we simply open a window in the Summer months.

Our internal and external lights have timer switches or use infrared motion sensors to reduce power. All our PC and office equipment have state of the art ‘Standby’ devices, which turn off any equipment not in use, thus reducing the amount of power that would otherwise be lost.

Staff are encouraged to use the double-sided option when printing and photocopying to reduce the amount of paper used and to send emails rather than written letters. We shred our paper documents, which are then used as bedding for pets. Over the years, we’ve managed to reduce the amount of rubbish we use so that we only fill one wheelie bin a week. This is a remarkable achievement for a company that reclaims and recycles our clients packaging. Our circular delivery routes are carefully drawn up so as to reduce fuel consumption and we focus on delivering to clients within a 60 mile radius. We purchase fuel from local suppliers to reduce tankers mileage, use local or Welsh suppliers whenever possible and look for ‘green’ companies that use recycled products.

Company Ethics

At Morgan and Morgan our policy is to conduct all aspects of our business, both with suppliers and clients, in a comprehensible, sincere and transparent manner at all times. We aim to put customer’s needs ahead of personal profit or gain. Our Staff are dedicated to delivering a high quality service but in the event that they are unable to fulfil a request or answer a specific enquiry, every effort will be made to ensure the client receives the correct information as soon as possible.

We work hard to create a calm working environment in both the company offices and warehouse. We discourage the use of inappropriate language and will not tolerate aggressive attitudes or behaviour. We understand the pressure of modern day life and try to meet the needs of all our staff. At Morgan and Morgan, we do not discriminate against age, gender, race, religion, disability or qualifications.